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Brewery Coolers

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Cold Storage Warehouses - Chances are, you need a place to store all the kegs and cases you've brewed before shipment. Brew Cave manufactures refrigerated warehouses to accommodate small craft brewers to breweries with national distribution. We provide sliding doors with enough room to comfortably drive a forklift through.

Growler Houses - Growler filling stations are a hot trend in the craft brewing industry. We provide coolers to house the kegs necessary to supply these growler stations.

Small Beer Storage Walk-in Coolers - If you are a homebrewer or a microbrewery, we can provide you a walk-in cooler to store all your creations. Shelving is available to organize your stock. These units can be fitted with tap for dispensing right from the walk-in.

Tap Room Coolers - Have every one of your beers on tap in your tasting room with the kegs safely stored in an ice-cold refrigerated environment. Glass doors with reach-in shelving are available for quick access to individual bottles.

The Brew Cave - The largest kegerator for residential bars can comfortably hold 6 kegs and 30 cases of beer. The Brew Cave comes standard with a heated glass door to show off your beer selection and a tap to serve your friends and family.


refrigerator test assemblyBrew Cave has an automated manufacturing process to create precision cut panels. Our modular panels create an airtight seal and construct easily with just a hex wrench. Each Brew Cave is test-assembled and inspected before shipment to ensure it is free of defects or damage.


Brew Caves are constructed with a 4-inch insulation core with your choice of either extruded polystyrene or FIP polyurethane. All of our coolers exceed efficiency standards for walk-ins set by EISA. We utilize efficient refrigeration systems from major manufacturers such as Russell, Heatcraft and Tecumseh. Our refrigeration systems are configured for holding beer at the proper temperature to preserve quality. Add-ons to increase energy efficiency, such as insulated floors or vinyl strip curtains, are available upon request.

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